^-^ New Site Design! 4/16/07 - Scott
Yay new site layout. I felt it time to actually put alittle effort into the site design and spiffed it up some and fixed a few things. Feel free to check it out. Yamatofest went pretty well. Not a whole lot of people showed but it was still a decent amount. Also if possible i'd like for everyone to take this survey. It'll help me plan for next year and help decide who the officers will be for next year.

^-^ New Day, new Room! 1/21/07 - Scott
Yo guys, sorry for the delay in updating the site. Anyway first official meeting day is this Tuesday. That's right meetings are now on TUESDAYS! Also we have a new room this semester, Barbelin 112G. You can find it in the History department near father Moore's office.

^-^ OtakuFest! 12/10/06 - Scott
Yesterday was our first Otakufest Anime Marathon. We watched alot of anime and it was a decent turn out for our first one(9 people). The anime section has been updated to include those animes we watched. Also at the request of the members, there is one more meeting in Hogan 14 on Thursday 7-9pm.

^-^ Akazukin Cha-Cha! 11/21/06 - Scott
Sorry got lazy. Last Thursday we watched akazukin cha-cha 1-4. Have a good thanksgiving guys! Dont forget OtakuFest anime marathon on dec 9th!!

^-^ Elfen Lied! 11/2/06 - Scott
Good meeting. We watched Elfen Lied 6-9. It was nice actually having a room. Next week we willbe watching the rest of Elfen Lied. BTW I put up a poll for the next anime after Elfen Lied is finished. Most likely we'll start the 16th. So Vote!!!! See ya guys next week! And recruit your friends!

^-^ Elfen Lied! 10/26/06 - Scott
Good meeting. We watched Elfen Lied 1-4 and since everyone loved it so much we watched 5 too. Poll for next week is up etc... Places were you can get the anime are listed in the anime section! See ya next week!

^-^ Sousei no Aquarion! 10/20/06 - Scott
Good meeting. We watched Sousei no Aquarion 1-4. "Sousei!" "Gattai!" "Go, Aquarion!""Oishii!!"....I love that anime. Anyway, poll for next week is up. Unless we some how magically get approved next week, we will be having thurs meeting same place, and same time. See ya then.

^-^ xxxHolic! 10/12/06 - Scott
It was a good third meeting. We watched xxxHolic 5-8. Poll for next week's is now up. See ya next week!

^-^ xxxHolic! 10/5/06 - Scott
It was a good second meeting. We watched xxxHolic 1-4. Poll for next week's is now up. BTW in the "anime" section you can look at descriptions of past animes we've watched and also a link to where you can get the bittorents for them. See ya next week!

^-^ Site Spiffed up! 9/29/06 - Scott
I'm spiffing up the site alittle bit. I also added a poll for next week's anime choice. More info will follow shortly.

^-^ First meeting was a Success!! 9/29/06 - Scott
It was a good first meeting. Thanks for coming out guys. We watched Bokuatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan. You can download the anime via bittorrent HERE.
(hehehe...i have now infected Yeh i have lots more of awesome anime to come.

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